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The NuVet Labs . NuVet Labs has been making the finest nutritional pet supplements since 1997. NuVet Labs mission is to provide your pet with products that are completely safe, nutrient-rich and formulated to strengthen the immune system and give your pet many healthy years of life. MySchnauzerBabies Miniature Schnauzers whole-heartedly recommends NuVet Plus. For more info call (800)474-7044 and use the order code:67680. (by using the autoship you can save an additional 15%)

The Nature’s Farmacy More than 30 years ago, Nature’s Farmacy was first-to-market with its ground-breaking organic, high-potency probiotics for dogs. Since then, our commitment to sustainability and ingredient integrity has set us apart in the competitive show dog community. Now you can treat your dog like a star with Nature’s Farmacy’s robust lines of the highest quality holistic animal supplements and wellness products in the world. MySchnauzerBabies Miniature Schnauzers whole-heartedly recommends Nature’s Farmacy.

The American Miniature Schnauzer Club has a lot of information on the breed standards and other useful information:

The Central Florida Miniature Schnauzer Club is the home of Florida’s Miniature Schnauzer headquarters. You will find everything you need on a range of subjects relating to the world of Miniature Schnauzers in Florida. is a site where you can find various show for breeds and all breeds around the U.S.:

Stumped on thinking of a name for your dog? Check out the list of dog names at Dog America.

InfoDog was the first totally interactive web site dedicated to the sport of Dog Shows and remains to be the most comprehensive and reliable web resource available for information on AKC Dog Show statistics and schedules, and quality dog products and services. Today, over 19,000 dog fanciers visit each day and they spend an average of 28 minutes per visit. Their dedication to the sport, as well as their active support of Breeders, Parent Clubs, the AKC, and the AKC Canine Health Foundation in educating the general public about the need for continued canine health research, the promotion of quality and ethical breeding of purebred dogs, and the unethical operations of puppy mills – is the reason that dog fanciers return to this site week after week. will explain the most common health problems in Miniature Schnauzers.

The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists promotes excellence in veterinary ophthalmology advanced training, certification, research and education.

CERF was founded by a group of concerned purebred owner/breeders with the goal of eliminating heritable eye diseases in purebred dogs through registration, research, and education.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals‘ mission is to promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease.

Ashley Craig Pet Products is a worldwide trading company, founded in England, totaling more than 170 years of expertise in manufacturing and marketing and has a reputation for good quality and service. Ashley Craig Pet Products “designs all” and manufactures over 90% of the products it sells, therefore making all the product line unique to Ashley Craig Pet Products Inc. It prides itself in making the product right for your needs. It also stands behind its limited lifetime warranty. All their products are made in the United Kingdom, United States or West Germany. is an online dog grooming supply store providing a one stop source for the dog grooming products you need to help your dog look, feel, and show it’s very best. They believe the grooming products and dog health care products they carry provide a “Winning-Edge” in today’s very competitive dog show environment. They strive to carry the brands and products that are most used by dog owners, dog handlers, and dog breeders of show quality dogs. They also solicit input from our customers on products that we should add to our offerings. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. They will refund or replace your order if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

At Dog Friendly you will find an off-leash park to take your best friends, so they can exercise and socialize.

The Groomers Mall has Pet Grooming Supplies for Professional and Non-Professional Groomers.

KV Supply is a great web site with great prices and unusual items. They also have items for horses, cats and other animals.

Canine Pedigree Inc. can generate pedigrees for puppies or adults spanning multiple registries.

Ped Fast Technologies™ (formerly Man’s Best Friend Software) is proud to be the #1 supplier of pedigree software to the breeders and owners of dogs, cats and horses.

UniversalPetMeds has a lot of discounted pet medications.

Healthy Pets is a discount pet medications site where you can find about everything you will need to keep your babies happy and well.

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Complete our Puppy Questionnaire to add yourself to our waiting list. Our litters will go fast!

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