Nutrition for Your Puppy

Nutrition is key to maintaining a happy and healthy dog. Grains are very, very bad for your dog. My dogs deserve to eat something healthy and totally grain-free. It is reflected in the overall appearance and health of the dogs. Here are some tips on maintaining a happy and healthy dog:


  • Two meals a day is recommended for your dog.
  • Your dog’s food must be 100% grain-free.
  • High quality of kibble with a fat content of 10-15% is recommended.
  • Add some raw or slightly cooked meaty bones, meats organ meats and a raw egg with the shell for a lot more nutrition.
  • Add a high-quality probiotic.
  • Don’t over-feed your dog because over-weight dogs can develop major health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • Measure the dog’s food amounts and never let the dog’s self-feed or free feed.
  • Watch for food allergies which signs are persistent licking of the paws and or scratching around the face area.

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The Raw Food Diet

Raw NecessitiesWhen feeding this way you must first realize your dog is a “Carnivore” which means meat-eater. The dog family is simply a group of intelligent, carnivorous mammals that includes domestic dogs and their relatives which include coyotes, wolves, foxes, jackals, raccoon dogs and bush dogs. With that in mind, here are five good reasons why your dog is totally a carnivore, without even one question or reason to suggest otherwise:

1. The Teeth

First the Sharp teeth that have been designed for one and only one reason – for biting into, ripping apart and slicing meat, not for grinding grains, corn, vegetables, soy, kibble or plants! This can be found in history going back 40 million years to when the dinosaurs existed with the sabre-toothed tiger to the present dogs they still have elongated front teeth which are designed for tearing apart and killing prey. The molars are still triangular with jagged edges that is used for a smooth cutting motion for tearing an cutting things apart.These teeth are 100% useless for chewing up grains, and kibble and vegetables but are perfect for biting into meat. Like all carnivores the jaws of the dog operates vertically, this is 100% not like the herbivores and omnivores which there jaws are made to operate by grinding there food by side to side chewing motions.

2. The digestive system

The digestive anatomy of carnivores and obligate carnivores are totally different than those found in herbivores and omnivores. Meat is very easily digested while plants and grains are very hard to digest, the small intestines of carnivores are very short. Carnivores have a very short gastrointestinal (GI) tract (around two – three times their body length), with food often staying in a dog for nine to eleven hours. Foods such as grains, corn, soy, wheat, etc. can take 3-5 days to be processed in a herbivore’s gut…Now can you see the huge health risks that can happen when carnivores are fed foods containing these products. Herbivores have a gastrointestinal tract that’s unusually long, sometimes exceeding eighteen times the animal’s body length. Systems like this is what is needed for consuming a grain and plant-based diet. This is why its very important to give cats/dogs a high protein, low starch, low carbohydrate, calorie-dense diet because they absorb the nutrients so fast. High fiber, carbohydrate foods with grains and corn often totally ignore this fact, providing an unnatural burden on the GI tract that results in excessive system bulk and reduced nutrient absorption often resulting in many serious illnesses and diseases leading to premature death.

3. Dogs and cats are built to handle bacterial loads from foods.

puppies eating raw foodYes, dogs and cats can handle the bacterial load often found in the raw diet this type of food would cause me or you a lot of sickness. Your pet’s body can handle and is well equipped to handle these type of bacteria because nature has built them to catch and kill there prey and instantly consume their prey. The carnivores bodies exhibit a much higher concentration of stomach acid which allows for faster digestion of animal protein. The acid is designed to kill diseases and bacteria often found in decaying meat. The high concentration of stomach acid helps quickly break down proteins (carnivores have a stomach acidity of about pH 1-2, compared to humans at pH 5). Amazingly the dog’s stomach acid is 15X stronger than in a human.

4. Herbivores and omnivores have one very powerful digestive weapon that dogs and cats do not have.

This powerful weapon is know as the Salivary Amylase. The Salivary amylase s a special enzyme that omnivores and grain and plant-eating animals (and humans) produce in their saliva. This is because grains are so hard to digest. The amylase begins the chemical process of digestion needed to initiate the break down of starchy carbohydrates before they enter the stomach. Dogs and cats do produce some amylase but the enzyme is produced much further down the digestive tract, in the small intestine where they use amylase produced in the pancreas where the food is closer to going “out“ rather than coming “in“. This places carries the burden entirely on the pancreas, forcing it to produce large amounts of amylase to deal with the starch, cellulose and carbohydrates in grains and plant matter. Without the salivary amylase, (dog’s) and (cat’s) digestion of grains is decidedly more difficult, if not somewhat impossible.

5. The myth about wolves Digest the Stomach Contents of Their Prey

wolvesThis myth is very much so an assumption and it’s totally a false fairy tale! There is no single shred of evidence to prove this fairy tale! Wolves don not eat the stomach contents of their prey, they go out of their way to avoid it. The only time the stomach contents of their prey would get consumed is if the prey was small like a rabbit and they would just consume the entire animal. Otherwise, the wolves shake out the stomach contents of there prey before evening attempting to eat the stomach wall.

Much long and hard thinking, and research has went into the raw food diet for our dogs. So we have experimented with a few of our dogs, and have seen very very positive results with it. Some of the of great results we noticed from the Raw feeding was: A much happier dog with a lot more energy, nicer coats, more muscle, way better appetites, healthier skin, smaller stools that was always firm.




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