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It had been 2 years since we lost our 15 year old female schnauzer and I felt like we had waited long enough for another. I googled Schnauzer breeders in Florida and found myschnauzerbabies.com. They happened to have one puppy left from their last litter. When we saw his picture, that was it… we were in love. We got our puppy “Storm” 13 months ago when he was 11 weeks old. We couldn’t be happier. He is very smart, obedient and easily-trained. We look forward to alot of happy years with our  sweet little boy. Rob Ricketts really knows his Schnauzers and is very easy to communicate with. I would recommend myschnauzerbabies.com to all who are interested in a well-rounded, healthy puppy.


Patricia & Hal Whitley


This is my baby, Maxwell. He is almost 6 months old now. We got him from MySchnauzerBabies in April after doing research on breeders that warranty their babies for temperament, great blood lines and health. I originally wanted a female since I owned two others and I wasn’t really sure about a male. After speaking to Robert he assured me that males are wonderful dogs and totally loving. Well he was right, Max is wonderful, playful, loving, smart and healthy. He fills my days with happiness and makes me laugh with everything he does. Easy to train, loves everyone and does vocalize his schnauzer bark. If anyone is considering a mini schnauzer, MySchnauzerBabies is the place to go. Robert will answer any questions or doubts. You will not regret it.

Ines Gutierrez


It has been 17 months since I obtained my wonderful Maxwell from Robert Rickett at MySchnauzerbabies and couldn’t be happier with him that I went back and got another baby, Beau. I can truly say that these pups are an excellent example of the breed standard. MySchnauzerbabies are home raised, quality bred and come from champion bloodlines, they have the best temperament, coats and above all are healthy puppies with excellent conformation. Robert is committed to the excellence of the breed, and in my opinion they are the best fur babies around. You can be assured that you will be getting an exceptional puppy with no health issues and a true and lovable family member.
I highly recommend MySchnauzerBabies to anyone who seriously wants the best dogs.
Thank you Robert we love our babies Max and Beau.

Ines Gutierrez


You requested pictures of our puppy, and we are proud to send them. She is six months old, born Jan. 31. We want you to know that we couldn’t be happier with her. She is a very unusual Schnauzer in that she is very calm, and. what will seem almost unbelievable for those of us who know Schnauzers, she almost NEVER barks! She has never barked when anyone comes to the door, unlike the other Schnauzers we have had and were unable to break of that habit. She loves her morning golf-cart ride, her daily walk, and, most of all, she loves people, and expects that anyone she meets will want to pet her, rub her tummy and make a fuss over her. She seems indignant if anyone ignores her (and who can blame her, when she is so adorable?) If anyone from The Villages (where we live) is considering buying one of your dogs and would like to meet her, we would be happy to oblige. She really is a very sweet little girl, and got an A rating from her doctor. She is very good with children and other dogs….in other words, she has an excellent temperment. We loved our other Schnauzers, of course, and didn’t think we would ever get another dog when we lost one after 13 years, but it was very lonely without her, and so we made the happy decision to adopt Tory, who has made her own very special place in our hearts. She is a wonderful little dog and seems quite happy with us, too. We just wanted to let you know how she is doing and that we are very happy to have her in our family.

David & Glenda Barone


Since River turns 4 months old tomorrow, I just wanted to update you on him. He is doing wonderful. He loves to hop around after people and it is just adorable. The other day he found his big boy bark and he loves it so much, he uses it on any little thing that moves outside.

The West Family


We picked Shatze up one week ago. She is the perfect puppy!!! She loves her toys. She goes into her crate, on her own, for her naps. She sleeps all night. She is confident with her surroundings. She has gone outside for potty breaks with only a couple accidents. She only uses her voice to tell us she needs to go outside or her ball is under a piece of furniture!! She loves riding in the car. The list goes on and on 😉 We can’t thank you enough for your dedication to providing high quality Miniature Schnauzers.

Roy & Sharon


It has been two years now since we have acquired our Schnauzer Babies pup Tammy. We have owned many Schnauzers in the past. This is the first pup we have obtained from the Rickett’s family. She is a fine example of the breed standard with regard to looks, stance, disposition, and general overall health. We live near the Villages in central Florida. Tammy frequently comes with us in the evening to dine outside or enjoy the night life of the Villages. She is well known there. It takes forever to walk down the street. Every few feet someone stops to admire her beauty. If we received one dollar for every pet on the head from passer-bys we would be millionaires. Thank you so much for being a reputable breeder and having made Tammy available to us. She is the joy of our lives.
Pete and Donna Bykowski


Since I was 8 years old, we’ve always had a schnauzer in our family. It all began because, as a child, I was allergic to everything. So we needed a dog that didn’t shed. Thank godness for all this, or we probably wouldn’t have been introduced to the most perfect dog breed of all time: the schnauzer breed are the smartest, cutest, easiest to train, healthiest breed (as long as you purchase from a responsible breeder). I am 40 years old now, and recently purchased two new baby schnauzers from breeders Robert and Mildred Ricketts at myschnauzerbabies.com . I can honestly say that this has been by far “the best” experience with a breeder I have ever had. Robert is committed to his craft, but the thing that impresses me the most is that he doesn’t treat his dogs like they’re commodities. My two dogs from Robert are from Champion Bloodlines, which DOES make a difference because they are smarter. It is a time investment, and emotional investment, which is why it is important to do your research & buy from a breeder that is committed to excellence in the breed. Thank you, Robert for being an exceptional breeder. (It was hard not to buy the whole litter from you. They were all perfect! SweetEms and Rafina are superior dogs. EVERYBODY loves them so much!

Nancy Lycan

Sweet'ems & Rafina

Hey, this dog is absolutely WONDERFUL, Maggie Mae is her name and I love her to death. She is a real trooper. She is so at home already and she loves this house and her name and she loves Sam and vice versa. She really lets you know when she wants something though, she has great vocal cords, but she does not use them much cause she is very comfortable. Robert your puppies are the best I have ever had. Very healthy and wonderful personalities. I would highly recommend MySchnauzerBabies to anyone who is seriously wanting a dog.

Kathie Ingenito

Maggie Mae

We decided to keep his name Oliver because it was such a great name! His addition to our family has been such a blessing. We have one other schnauzer named Ziggy and they are two peas in a pod. They play constantly and it’s so entertaining to watch. We bought Ziggy from another breeder and have been informed by our veterinarian that she may be a Schnoodle, so we are awaiting DNA results. Oliver on the other hand is without a doubt a purebred. He is in great health, growing fast, learning quick, and brings many smiles to us. I just adore him. After meeting you, if I were to EVER buy another schnauzer, I would happily make the 2 1/2 hour drive to purchase from you again. I don’t think I would buy from anyone else. Oliver was very clean and healthy when we bought him from you and I could tell that you care about the puppies and who you are selling to. You were very informative and helpful and willing to answer any questions I might have down the road. I love our new dog Oliver and can’t thank you enough for him. Even our groomer has fallen in love with him and raves about how handsome he is! He really is a joy to have and so well-mannered. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful addition to our family!

The Jackson Family


Before picking Monte up in May, we had been in contact with Rob for about a year. He gave us advice and made us feel comfortable with knowing that he does not just breed the dogs to make money; he breeds them for temperament. As promised, Rob breeds his dogs for good temperament. For a puppy, we were surprised to find out that he was very calm and well-behaved. When we picked him up, he was already crate-trained and somewhat obedient. We have had Monte for 2 months now and everyone that meets him loves him. We always receive compliments on how good-looking he is. He gets along with every dog he has met, as well as every child. Having the puppies grow up around Rob’s children seems to have been very helpful because he loves kids! Monte is the most loveable puppy and loves to cuddle with us and Winnie, our 10-year-old mini schnauzer. Monte is a great addition to our family and the next mini schnauzer we get will only come from Rob. We highly recommend getting a puppy from him because he is so helpful. Whenever we have a question about the dogs, we know that he will answer us in the most honest way. Thank you Rob for the great addition!

Justin & Nicole


About 10 days ago I met a family with a beautiful schnauzer, small and girlish, with big ears. I asked them who they purchased their dog from. It was a friend of her dad’s. She spoke to her dad and he passed your web site along to me. And low and behold I have a new dog. Last Tuesday, in a down-pouring rain, I came to meet you and the last pup of the litter. I call her Emma. Emma is a wonderful little girl, fits into the household like she had been here forever, due to your family input on raising the puppies. Six pounds of pure love. I think so, but my 5 year old silver schnauzer is not so sure yet. Her crate training is great. I thought I would be up all night Tuesday, but when I put her in the crate she settled into her blanket and was sound to sleep with in a few moments, and was not ready to get up at 6AM when I got up. She has her own personality. She makes all these little sounds, real cute. When Sadie barks Emma is the echo. Working on the housebreaking is going good. She has the idea, I am sure by the end of next week that will be something of the past. Her Vet check yesterday went super, she is healthy, and everything looks good to him. I put her on flea, heart worm, and worm monthly care. Soon she will be having her ears cropped and spade. Robert, your knowledge of this breed is impressive. Using this knowledge to breed and raise puppies equals top-quality AKC pups. And I am proud to own one. I will spread the word. Keep doing a good job.

Loretta McMillen


Here is a picture of our baby girl. She is such a wonderful puppy and absolutely perfect pet!

Olga and Dmitri


Shasta is doing great. We love him so much, he is the best little dog anyone could ask for. He goes with us everywhere, everyone loves him. Your dogs are truly remarkable and I highly recommend you and your dogs. I have enclosed a couple of photos of Shasta. He is a year old now and full of energy. Thank you so much for such a wonderful little guy.

Penny Rumsey


Brody came to live with me and my 4 year old schnauzer, Bella. He has been a great addition to our little family. I had wanted a solid black for years. He’s very independent, loves his toys, and believe it or not, he talks. He has one voice for barking and one when he wants something. He came to me in great health and still is. Robert has been a godsend with answering my many questions.

Marshann Crews


Just recently, our family was lucky enough to welcome one of MySchnauzerBabies into our home. Our new pup, Baxter, is a strong, healthy, and an amazingly personable puppy. We got him around the age of eight weeks old and we could not be more blessed. He was able to sleep through the night without an accident after the first 5 days. We had a puppy pad at the end of the bed, so he knew where to go. (for eight weeks old that is great) MySchnauzerBabies pups are the perfect fit for family life. My experience was outstanding from the very beginning to the end of our transaction. We are so pleased with him. If you are looking for a great pet to add to the family, use MySchnauzerBabies. Highly recommend them.

Cindy Crowningshield


We just want you to know how pleased we are with our new puppy Buddy. He is extremely affectionate and has filled a huge emptiness in our lives since we lost our last schnauzer. He keeps us busy (in a good way) and has made many friends, both two-legged and four-legged,in our neighborhood. Thank you for raising such wonderful dogs and for giving Buddy such a good start in life. He is really a beautiful little guy.

Rhys and Kay Phillips


Thanks for giving us the pleasure and enjoyment of little Max. He is a really playful bundle.

Bill & Vera Williams


Thank you so much for for allowing my family to have one of your perfect puppies. I can’t begin to tell you the joy that little boy has brought to my home. Merlin is handsome, playful, healthy, well-adjusted to people and other animals and has a great appetite. I would, without any reservation, recommend your puppies for a loving person or family looking for a friendly, playful pet. I’ve had other dogs but this little guy is absolutely perfect. Thank you, again.

Louise Fenno


Over the past 45 years I have met with many breeders. None of them match Robert Ricketts. His knowledge of the Schnauzer breed is impressive and the quality of his championship dogs outstanding. His dogs live at home. His mother, father, wife and daughter are all involved making MySchnauzerBabies truly a family affair. My black and silver and my daughter’s salt and pepper brothers are handsome, intelligent, and certainly energetic. Both puppies have great personalities and we whole-heartedly recommend Robert Ricketts at MySchnauzerBabies.

Mike DeLucia and Anna Casey

Socrates & Tucker

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